Edimus Nos. Fidemus in Nobis.

Eating ourselves. Trusting ourselves.

ENFIN: Edimus Nos; Fidemus In Nobis

This crest symbolizes the ethos and aspiration of self-sufficient bodies of O.T.O.


Self-sufficiency is attained when all regular expenses are paid with dues and pledges by the members; not depending on those beyond the pale, nor on any single individual, for the basic needs and continued development of the body. Independence supported by cooperative labor and financial contribution, resting on a foundation of shared commitment.


Eating ourselves. Symbolized by the οὐροβóρος, suggesting the eternal return of life to the local body. Self-sufficient bodies of O.T.O. are nourished and fortified primarily by their members.


Trusting ourselves. Symbolized by the cubical house, suggesting fraternity and initiatory mysteries. Bodies of O.T.O. are composed of individuals, free and independent, each shining radiantly as a star among stars, working together to accomplish common goals.


The notariqon of these phrases, a French word meaning finally, suggesting completion and lasting achievement.


Profess House. The material aspiration of any body of initiates. The shape of the letter P, consisting of straight and curved lines, is also suggestive of initiatory mysteries. See Liber CI and Liber CXXIV for more information about Profess Houses. In Hebrew, פ (Peh) suggests the energies of Mars—appropriate in the Aeon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child.


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